Thursday, May 28, 2009

And this would be me!

It was windy, it was late (-ish) and yes, that is gray hair you see. (And, as my daughter loves to point out, yes, there is quite a lot of it!) Well, this is my experiment with a photo blog, and I will endeavour to upload at least one photo a day. I currently use a Kodak C530 5mp point-and-shoot (doesn't even have any optical zoom!) I use Picasa (usually) to tidy up my shots, and I also have a Flickr account so you can see all my wonderful(!) other stuff.
I like to take photos of my children, of my new home town, and general stuff. Sometimes I might even post photos of stuff I have cooked/made. Rhyme and Reason won't apply, just my Flights of Fancy.

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