Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rose Red and Snow White

Growing up, I had a book of fairy tales from various European countries. There were some very interesting ones, including one which featured a grown son being fed by flesh cut from an underarm (huh?) Also included was the tale of Rose Red and Snow White and the Bear. I thought of the girls when I saw the bushes across the road. I think they are camellias, but I haven't gone to take a look.

View from the Top

I took the girls box sliding last weekend. The theory was that there would be a thick layer of leaves for them to slide down the hill on, but reality involved caked dirt on my daughter's jeans. To get this photo, I went to the top, where the children started. Yikes!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Red Sky at Night

Taken at my Mum's place, early January this year. There's so much wide-open sky where she lives, while my skyline here is more cluttered. I like the skyline here., but this is one of my favourite sunset pictures.

Baby had a boo-boo

Well, I got too busy changing my blog template, and forgot to post a photo. Here's Friday's photo, even though it is technically Saturday where I am. Still, I always say it isn't tomorrow until I've woken up.

Isn't that just too pathetic?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

And this would be me!

It was windy, it was late (-ish) and yes, that is gray hair you see. (And, as my daughter loves to point out, yes, there is quite a lot of it!) Well, this is my experiment with a photo blog, and I will endeavour to upload at least one photo a day. I currently use a Kodak C530 5mp point-and-shoot (doesn't even have any optical zoom!) I use Picasa (usually) to tidy up my shots, and I also have a Flickr account so you can see all my wonderful(!) other stuff.
I like to take photos of my children, of my new home town, and general stuff. Sometimes I might even post photos of stuff I have cooked/made. Rhyme and Reason won't apply, just my Flights of Fancy.